I'm a Ghanaian undercover investigative journalist.

Due to my work, I am anonymous and my anonymity is in fact an important tool in my investigations. My undercover investigations focus primarily on issues of human rights abuse (especially child abuses) and corruption. I have carried out undercover investigations in many countries and in different continents. My primary focus remains in Sub Saharan Africa. My human right investigations deals with creating a better life and providing equal opportunities for children and adults being abused to grow whilst my corruption investigations focus on Government employees and executives who instead of working for the people rather loot the national kitty and thus deprive citizens of essential amenities that would create a better standard of living for them.

My works have received critical acclaim over the years and have led to changes in legislation, institutions and departments. President Barack Obama, in his first visit to Africa in 2009 after being elected President of the United States, singled my work out in a speech to Ghana’s Parliament.


Anas Aremeyaw Anas, A man who goes undercover to shine the light on some of the darkest sides of Ghanaian society … he goes undercover quite often to investigate things that perhaps the average journalist would not see.

Komla Dumor

BBC Network Africa

It is heartwarming to learn of the great lengths you go to bring issues of national importance to the fore.

Pastor Mensah Otabil

General Overseer, ICGC - 2010

The lady Chief Justice wants to assure you of the judiciary’s support and pray that the Almighty God would continue to protect you and grant you wisdom to pursue your dangerous path for the betterment of mother Ghana.

Georgina Theodora Wood

The Hon. Lady Chief Justice of Ghana

A courageous journalist who risked his life to tell the truth.

Barrack Obama

US President

Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an undercover Journalist who tells troubling but truthful stories in support of social justice in Africa.

Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft

For the excellence achieved in Human Right Reporting and promotion of the rights and freedoms of the Universal Declaration of Human Right.

Desmond Tutu

Chairman, The Elders, France