YearTitleProduction Company
2018Number 12, Part 2, African editionTiger Eye PI
2018Salisu Yusuf ExposeTiger Eye PI
2018Betraying The GameBBC Africa Eye
2018Chained by BeggingTiger Eye PI
2018Malawi's Human HarvestInsight TWI /BBC
2018Number 12Tiger Eye PI
2017Bad Cops Tiger Eye PI
2015Care-lessTiger Eye PI
2015Ghana in the Eyes of GodTiger Eye PI
2015Nigeria's Baby FarmersAfrica Investigates Al Jazeera
2015Justice InsightTWI Al Jazeera
2015Cancer wardAl Jazeera
2014Nigeria's Fake DoctorsAl Jazeera Africa Investigates/ Tiger Eye PI
2014Ghana's Food For ThoughtAl Jazeera
2014Ghana's Sex Mafia Tiger Eye PI
2014DoomTiger Eye PI
2013Spirit childAl Jazeera Africa Investigates
2013The Diaries Of An Undercover Journalist Tiger Eye PI
2013Messiah Of MentukwaTiger Eye PI
2013Kenya' s Ticking Time BombAl Jazeera Africa Investigates
2012Abortion Sex 'Doctor'Tiger Eye PI
2012People And Power, How To Rob AfricaAl Jazeera Africa Investigates/ Tiger Eye PI
2012Wild GhanaTiger Eye PI
2012Dons of the ForestNew Crusading Guide/ Tiger Eye PI
2012Deadly Gold New Crusading Guide/ Tiger Eye PI
2012Underworld SmugglersNew Crusading Guide/ Tiger Eye PI
2012The Prez's Assignment - Stealing The People's PowerNew Crusading Guide/ Tiger Eye PI
2011Sierra Leone : Timber !Al Jazeera Africa Investigates
2011Enemies Of The NationNew Crusading Guide/Cobra Eye
2011Spell Of The AlbinoAl Jazeera Africa Investigates/ In sight news Tiger Eye PI
2011Ghana GoldAl Jazeera Africa Investigates
2010Orphans Home Of Hell - OsuNew Crusading Guide/Cobra Eye
2010In The Interest Of The StateNew Crusading Guide/Cobra Eye
2010Inside Ghana's MadhouseNew Crusading Guide/Cobra Eye
2010Panorama - Chocolate: The Bitter TruthBBC Panorama
2008Imam's School Of ShockAnas Aremeyaw Anas
2007The Soja Bar StoryAnas Aremeyaw Anas
2006Eurofood scandalAnas Aremeyaw Anas
2005Bole Rebel RaidAnas Aremeyaw Anas
2017Invisible Hands First Run Features
2014The E-Waste TragedyYUZU PRODUCTIONS & Media 3.14
2011Black Diamond:Fool's Gold Roche Productions
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